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2018 K-Week Calendar
  • 등록일 : 2018/03/23
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2018 K-Week (April 2nd – April 8th)

April 2nd  Korean Night Market

Korean Night Market is an event designed to provide students an opportunity to try out authentic Korean street foods. Nine Korean RSOs will be greeting you. On top of enjoying your food, you will be watching two musical performances. Don’t miss out!

Co-hosted by GRMD, Les Claviers, Rhythm Nation, KLASO, KITE, Tassel Campaign, Kojobs, MACC


April 5th Korean Movie Night

Movie night is taking place during K-week. We will be showing Train to Busan, one of the famous Korean movies. Train to Busan is a story of a young kid and families who get trapped on a speeding train during a zombie outbreak. The movie is so good. You will end up losing track of time. 


April 6th Korean Speaking Contest & Reception with Consul General Jong-Kook Lee

Don’t miss an opportunity to show off your Korean skills to your friends! Anyone is welcomed to watch the contest and win amazing prizes and gift certificates!

- Co-hosted by Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies; EALC Korean Language Program

- Application link: https://goo.gl/DBW3FE


On April 6th, Jong-kook Lee, Consul-General of Korea in Chicago, will be visiting us! He is planning on delivering a speech regarding mutual relationship between the United States and South Korea. Anyone who is interested is welcomed, and we will accommodate you with Free Korean foods!


April 7th Invitation from Korea

Presenting both educational and fun events including K-pop, Korean alphabet - Hangeul, History, Korean

traditional games, Korean snacks and souvenirs! Free Entrance for anyone!


April 7th KSA Soccer Tournament

We will be holding soccer tournament for a day. Six soccer teams are joining for a competition. The tournament will determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Please join and cheer for a team.


April 8th KSA Talent Show

KSA Talent Show is the biggest Korean events on campus. There are going to be nine different performing acts, and the audience will be voting for the best.

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